Ingredalia has received a grant of 250.000 € from NEOTEC program

Ingredalia has received a grant of 250.000 € from NEOTEC program'

The Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI), with grants from NEOTEC program, has given a subsidy of 250.000 € to the technological and innovative company Ingredalia, with the goal of helping it on the creation and consolidation of the company formed on 2017 at Milagro (Navarra), which came from the collaboration between the research center TECNALIA, and the Navarra's company Tratamiento Subproductos Agroalimentarios (TRASA) and with the help of TECNALIA Ventures, TECNALIA's deep tech venture builder.

Goal of CDTI's NEOTEC program, Business Public Entity from the Spanish goverment (Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación), is to support the creation and grow of technologically based companies, and promote technology and innovation as competitive factors from their development

Ingredalia is doing, from an approach that supports sustainability and circular economy, production, distribution and market of natural functional ingredients, extracts, additives and other healthy products, from available by-products coming from the agri-food sector.

At present day, company is working on the industrialization and get to market of their first 2 products which come from valorization of by-products obtained fduring broccoli processing at food industry.Thanks to the technology developed by its R+D+i team, Ingredalia has been capable of recovering the molcule responsible for the healthy effects of brocoli (sulforaphane and its precursor glucosinolates) and using it on their products: Sulforaphan Smart is a functional ingredient focused on improving inmune system, while Brasphenol is a natural antioxidant that enhances food shelf life or BBD. Those products are oriented to several sectors, such as food, cosmetics, nutraceutical, feed, and others.

NEOTEC program finances new business projects coming from innovative Small companies, which activity is focused on explotation of products or services which require the use of technologies or knowledge obtained from at research activities, and which business model and strategy is based on the development of its own technology; that's the case of Ingredalia, which propietary technology that will be developed will be focused on the transformation processes and the implantation of disruptive technologies and production processes.

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