Our earliest products were derived from broccoli by-products from processing industries and account for up to a third of our field-grown production in quantity.

Using technology developed by our R&D and innovation team, we extract the compounds that give broccoli its health-giving effects (sulforaphane and glucosinolate), incorporating them into our own products.

Sulforaphane is produced via the action of thioglucoside glucohydrolase called myrosinase, an enzyme present in broccoli, separately from its glucosinolate precursors. This enzyme acts as a catalyst for the transformation for the glucosinolates into a series of hydrolysis products, including indoles and isocyanates, one of which is sulforaphane.


By this means, our products incorporate the immunostimulatory properties of broccoli, which have been extensively proven in laboratory and animal testing, as well as in numerous clinical trials. These studies also show that sulforaphane has antimicrobial activity and acts to prevent certain chronic diseases, including:

• Cancer
• Cardiovascular disease
• Chronic pulmonary disease
• Diabetes
• Neurodegenerative disorders




Ingredalia products:


A natural phytochemical with widely recognised immunostimulatory properties, designed to produce sulforaphane. This formulation is patented in Europe (EP3123874A1) and is pending patent approval in Mexico, Canada, the USA and other regions. Sulforaphan-Smart is based on a combination of glucosinolates and enzyme myrosinase, protected by means of a bilayer encapsulation system to guarantee that the active component is produced in the target area of our body.


  • Nutraceuticals companies
  • Consumer food producers
  • Animal food producers


  • Ensures that at least a high percentage of its components reach the gut, where they are absorbed.
  • A unique product made using broccoli by-products, with an obvious positive impact on environmental sustainability.


A natural food ingredient consisting of a polyphenol-rich plant extract, containing natural components needed for our metabolism to function correctly, and antioxidant effects backed by analytical tests. Brasphenol uses polyphenols recovered from the by-products of broccoli and other vegetables, giving a purified powdered plant extract, which is encapsulated using sustainable methods.


  • Producers of food ingredients.
  • Producers of dietary supplements.
  • Food producers aiming to incorporate natural preservatives into their products as an alternative to chemical ingredients.


  • Made using by-products from broccoli and other vegetables, with positive effects on environmental sustainability and the circular economy.
  • Developed with an eye on technology and product applications, this product's natural, sustainable origins deliver differential value and give it the edge over similar products currently available.
  • Competitive in both cost and in application dose.
  • Easy to handle and dose, with improved solubility in water, to guarantee the stability of its active components.
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